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Dolby Atmos QS – 55 Speaker Harman Kardon By Audiolab Brand New 2 PICS

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Experience the latest in cinematic sound innovation in your own home. The QS-55 speakers are designed exclusively for Dolby Atmos – cinema-worthy surround sound technology – and also work great with other advanced surround formats like DTS:X. The result is surround sound that envelops you from every angle – even above. Dolby Atmos Dolby Atmos delivers breath-taking realism with 360º surround sound. The result is rich audio that completely envelops you – and with the QS-50 speakers, the sound even comes from above you. Immersive surround sound No need for complicated speaker setups. The compact QS-55 speakers work with your existing setup and living space to recreate a cinematic surround sound experience. Set up on your existing speakers The compact QS-55 speaker can sit on top of your existing speakers for an even more immersive surround experience. they are designed specifically to reflect sound off your ceiling for truly all-encompassing audio. Designed to deliver supreme audio Every component of the QS-55 speaker has been crafted to reduce vibration and distortion, so you get the richness and clarity deserving of Dolby Atmos surround sound. Compact and versatile The QS-55 compact profile makes it ideal to discreetly install on your existing speakers and walls. Whether you’re looking to upgrade to cinematic Dolby Atmos sound or simply extend your current surround experience. will give you an all-encompassing aural upgrade. connects to a Dolby Atmos-compatible home theater receiver’s height channel for power and signal can also be used as standard left- or right-channel surround speaker when mounted to the wall 1″ vented aluminum dome tweeter with waveguide 6.5″ aluminum woofer Uni-Q driver array technology.

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ELAC Debut 2.0 A4.2 – Atmos Module Speaker (Pair)

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Product Description
Create a sonic environment to support Dolby Atmos 3D sound with these ELAC speakers. Positioned on top of existing shelf or floor-standing speakers, they work with compatible AV systems to add a height dimension to sound in areas without…

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JBL charger 3 black color sealed box piece

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Features & details

  • Bluetooth – Wirelessly connect up to 3 smartphones or tablets to the speaker and take turns playing powerful stereo sound.
  • Battery type : Lithium-ion Polymer (22.2Wh)2) 20 hours of playtime(varies by volume level and content)
  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • Take crystal clear calls from your speaker with the touch of a button thanks to the noise and echo-cancelling speakerphone.
  • Build your own ecosystem by connecting multiple JBL Connect enabled speakers together to amplify the listening experience.
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Mission LX-3D MKII – Surround Speaker – Pair

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The LX MKII Series is the latest in a long line of distinguished Mission loudspeakers, joining the multi-award winning speakers from the mid-level QX Series and the flagship ZX Series. LX MKII maintains the Mission trademark ‘Inverted Driver Geometry’ design, which means the path length between the drivers is optimised. Unique at this price-point, this arrangement allows the precision-tuned crossover to yield improved transient attack and astonishing detail.

Perfected over hundreds of hours of critical listening by Mission’s lead acoustic designer, Peter Comeau, Mission LX MKII utilises trickle-down innovations from the revered ZX series. Improvements in the famous Mission DiaDrive bass unit offer superior control of the low-frequency diaphragm while a refined high-frequency performance and a re-engineered cabinet bracing system further help create a loudspeaker system that outperforms its price-class.

Continuous Innovation
From over 40 years of British Hi-Fi heritage and experience, LX MKII is a representation of Mission’s non-stop pursuit of improvement and excellence

Advanced New Driver Surrounds and Crossover
One of the critical areas highlighted by the development of Mission ZX and QX models was the use of serrations in the driver surrounds to help scatter interfering reflections from localised surfaces to the dome and cone.

LX MKII now incorporates these serrations into the driver surrounds, adding further finesse to the drive unit outputs and providing a smoother frequency response.

With minor perturbations in the driver response ironed out, the crossover for each model has been optimised to take advantage of the improved performance.

The result is that the LX MKII builds on the winning formula of the LX, both enhancing the clarity of midrange and treble detail and improving the micro-dynamics of the musical performance for an even more thrilling listener experience.

Inverted Geometry Drive Design
Mission’s classic IDG (Inverted Driver Geometry) driver format positions the high frequency below the bass / midrange driver meaning the length of path is equalised so the sound waves coincide at the listener’s head height. A proprietary principle that improves ‘time alignment’ and thus transient performance in Mission speakers

A New Start, With a New Finish
Standout new finish options follow the Mission mantra of fusing Hi-Fi heritage with contemporary design.

LX MKII is the epitome of affordable high-end audio, harnessing materials, techniques and technologies that you would only expect to find in other speakers costing many times the price.

Whatever your choice of music, LX MKII will reproduce it with outstanding accuracy, detailing and realism, embodying Mission’s traditional adage since the 1970s.

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Polk Audio Fusion T Series – 5.1 Channel Home Theater Speaker Full Set Package With 10″ Inch Subwoofer

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POLK AUDIO FUSION T SERIES A premium-grade yet affordable 5.1 channel home theatre speaker system from Polk Audio. Designed and engineered in the USA, Polk Audio Fusion T Series consists of a range of multichannel speakers to deliver high-fidelity audio performance at an affordable price point. This package includes a pair of Polk Audio T50 (floorstanding speakers), … Continue reading Polk Audio Fusion T Series – 5.1 Channel Home Theater Speaker Full Set Package With 10″ Inch Subwoofer

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Polk Audio HTS 10 Inch / 200w Peak Powered Subwoofer (Washed Black Walnut)

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Features & details
Bass-reflex (ported) enclosure with down-firing Power Port for clear, accurate bass 10″ front-firing polypropylene woofer 100-watt RMS (200-watt peak) Class D amplifier
Frequency response: 30-120 Hz (-3dB) RCA line level/LFE (low frequency effects) input variable low-pass crossover control
Phase switch to acoustically match the subwoofer’s output to your main speakers automatically powers off when it no longer receives signal from the receiver
Size : 15-1/8″W x 16-5/8″H x 18-1/16″D / Weight: 37.75 lbs.
. circuit

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Polk Audio PSW-10 – Subwoofer

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POLK AUDIO PSW-10 Product Highlights Bass-reflex (ported) enclosure 50-watt RMS amplifier 10″ front-firing driver Frequency response 40-160 Hz (-3dB) Continuously variable 80-160 Hz crossover Phase switch Auto on/off Speaker and line-level inputs; speaker-level output Black oak vinyl finish Removable grille included 14″W x 14-3/8″H x 16-3/16″D Overview Add more booming bass to your audio experience … Continue reading Polk Audio PSW-10 – Subwoofer

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Polk Audio S10 – Surround Speaker – One Pair Black

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Designed for use as rear or surround speakers, this pair of Polk Audio Signature Series S10 2-Way Surround Speakers can handle 20 to 100W of continuous power and are equipped with a 4″ mid/woofer and a 1″ tweeter. They have a frequency response of 67 Hz to 40 kHz for enhanced treble reproduction and are made with a Meddite MDF cabinet. The removable grilles attach magnetically and are designed to be acoustically inert.

Dynamic Balance Acoustic Array
Dynamic Balance is designed to ensure a rich, clean, full-range sound, no matter what you’re listening to. It analyzes the speaker’s electro-acoustic and mechanical system for improved material selection and more efficient geometry, then pinpoints and eliminates issues that reduce speaker performance before they become a part of the finished product.

High-Resolution Audio Performance
The Terylene dome tweeter features curvilinear formers designed to extend response and lower resonance. Its ceramic motor structure also helps to lower system resonance and extend low frequency response for enhanced dispersion in the midrange, delivering clear and detailed high frequency response for realistic reproduction of vocals and instruments.

Polypropylene Mid-Range Drivers
Mica-reinforced polypropylene cones with butyl rubber surrounds, ceramic motor structures, and high-temperature Conex fiber spiders combine to create drivers of enhanced efficiency, for clean, clear bass, augmented linearity, lower distortion, and higher durability.

Polk Power Port Deep Bass Technology
The Power Port is designed to smoothly transition the air flow into your listening area. It also extends the overall bass port, providing greater surface area to help eliminate turbulence and distortion, for bigger, more musical, deep bass impact.

Enhanced Sensitivity and Compatibility
Whether you’re connecting them to a new digital processor or your vintage rig, the S10 is designed to provide sound reproduction that’s spacious, clear, enveloping, and realistic. Plus, it’s compatible with many Dolby and DTS surround sound technologies.

Two-Way Crossover Array
The two-way crossover array is designed to give you a seamless, lifelike soundstage no matter where you’re seated in your listening room.

Anti-Diffraction Magnetic Grilles
Computer modeled for a precision fit, the grilles are designed to minimize sonic interference.

Enhanced Wall Mounting Capabilities
Features a built-in threaded screw insert and keyhole slots for easy wall mounting and customized directional firing.

Gold-Plated 5-Way Binding Posts
The binding posts provide for easy setup, ensuring a direct, efficient, and lossless connection.

Non-Resonant Cabinet Design
The acoustically inert enclosure helps reduce unwanted internal standing waves to help reduce audible coloration. The non-resonant Meddite MDF construction, bracing, and thick baffles further help ensure lifelike sound.

The S10 is designed with the same components throughout to achieve seamless speaker-to-speaker blending effects in multi-channel systems.

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Polk Audio Signature S30 American HiFi Home Theater Center Speaker

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The Real American HiFi Home Theater “Traditional” Center Speaker A center channel speaker is one of the most important parts of any surround sound system. Serving up crisp, clear dialogue, Polk’s Signature S30 is a perfect match – both in terms of stylish looks and clean sound – to the rest of the speakers in the Signature series. American HiFi Home Theater Center Speaker Built to bring the big surround sound theater and music experience into the comfort of your living room, the Polk Signature S30 center speaker continues in the Polk tradition of American HiFi. Featuring Hi-Res certification, a new Dynamic Balance designed acoustic array, precision cross-overs, an anti-diffraction grille, modern cabinet styling and exclusive Power Port bass enhancing technology, you get elevated sound for movies, TV and music in a totally re-imagined design. Polk-expect great sound. Enjoy rich, clean, full-range sound for movies, TV and music with Polk’s new Dynamic Balance designed acoustic array 1 x 1″ high-resolution Terylene tweeter for crystal clear high frequency response that perfectly reproduces the latest high resolution audio files 2 x 5.25″ low distortion mica-reinforced polypropylene cones for clean, clear bass, better linearity, and increased dynamic mid-range Exclusive Polk Power Port for greater, more impactful bass…….. – Custom Mid-Range Drivers – High Sensitivity and Maximum Compatibility – Two-Way Cascading Tapered Crossover Array – High-Resolution HD Audio Performance – Quality Crafted Cabinet Design – Wall Mountable – Anti-Diffraction Magnetic Grille – Dual Gold Plated 5-Way Binding Posts – Timbre-Matched Limited Warranty, Built to Last.

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Polk Audio T15 Bookshelf Speakers – Pair

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T15 Bookshelf Speakers The T15 are those bookshelf speakers whose high versatility is built to impress. Engineered with Polk’s proprietary Dynamic Balance® technology, they’re primed to improve your home theater experience and take on your entire arsenal of tunes without fail. Think brighter highs, a wide-open mid-range and surprising bass response—the perfect entry into high-performance … Continue reading Polk Audio T15 Bookshelf Speakers – Pair

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Polk Audio T30 -Centre Channel Speaker

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The T30 is the center channel speaker that puts its overpriced competitors to shame. Since the center channel is the most important speaker in your home audio system, the T30 is the workhorse that delivers crystal-clear dialogue and room-filling home theater sound. GREAT SOUND SHOULD BE AFFORDABLE T Series home theater and music center channels … Continue reading Polk Audio T30 -Centre Channel Speaker

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Polk Audio T50 – Floor Standing Speaker – Pair

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Key Features Premium home theater and music performance Polk Audio’s exclusive Dynamic Balance drivers and tweeters for wide response and low distortion. Wide dispersion drivers and tweeters project sound over a wide area so every listener in a room hears open, “box-less,” three dimensional sound. About The T50 is not your run-of-the-mill floor standing tower … Continue reading Polk Audio T50 – Floor Standing Speaker – Pair

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